YouTube Money Calculator: How Much Do YouTubers Make (Updated for 2024)

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Check out the YouTube money calculator, an easy-to-use online tool that will tell creators how much money their channel can make.

We locate the country of the channel.

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Est. YouTube partner earnings (monthly)
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Total views
Channel's Creation Date
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Daily video views

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You can utilize a YouTube money calculator to assess your total subscriber count and observe how it impacts your video views, thereby increasing your total income from your YouTube channel. The more subscribers you have, the more views your videos tend to receive. The reason why we recommend buying YouTube subscribers is to boost the overall performance of your YouTube channel.

Learn how to calculate the estimated earnings of your channel with our user-friendly and free YouTube revenue calculator tool.

YouTube Money Calculator by Views4You

This tool allows users to calculate their potential revenue by simply pasting the URL for their channel into the search column. The calculator measures things like video view count/time spent watching etc., which gives more accurate numbers than simply guessing.

Using the calculator, will give you a good idea of yearly YouTube earnings and also shows you whether it would be worth starting up and creating videos for certain niches that may interest you!

The money calculator tool can help you easily calculate your earnings from the videos. To come up with an accurate figure that may surprise people, the calculations are based on the video size, engagement rate, and other factors such as the number of views. That’s why to buy YouTube views is a brilliant strategy to boost your channel’s revenue by increasing your view count.

Check out the free YouTube money calculator, an easy-to-use online tool that will tell creators how much money their channel can make from video content.

This is a screenshot of the youtube money calculator by Views4you

How Does Views4You’s YouTube Money Calculator Work?

The YouTube monthly income calculator is quite straightforward. It’s a simple process of entering some information about the videos and the number of views, then watching as it does all the other work for you.

With just a few steps, you can have your revenue calculated by YouTube money calculator, showing you how much money your channel could be making.

The process is simple and easy — all it takes to use the YouTube wage calculator is three steps:

  1. Drag the calculator bar backward or forward, depending on how high or low your daily video views are on average for a YouTube video
  2. Set estimated CTR based on historic performance history from previous campaigns (think about those times where ads performed best)
  3. View total earnings potential over time by weekdays alone as well as monthly earnings at any given moment!

How Do We Calculate a YouTube Channel’s Estimated Revenue?

There is a quite working algorithm going on here.

  1. Once you copy the YouTube channel URL to paste YouTube money calculator search, the sytem locates the country of the channel first;
  2. Then, the system confirms the channels total view count;
  3. Next, it finds out the channel’s establishment date, and time – how many months have passed from that date;
  4. The system drops out 18 months from the total activation date to find out validness of the channel;
  5. Now, total view count is divided to 1000 to calculate CPM;
  6. Finally, the CPM divided to the valid active time, it is for to calculate YouTube channel’s revenue.

That’s all! Now, you can learn your total estimated earnings and strategize your YouTube account yearly according to the given data to obtain more subscribers, money, and engagement.

Which Data Can I Monitor After Calculating my Overall Estimated Earnings?

Thanks to our advanced YouTube Money Calculator tool, you can take information about the following.

After you copy&paste your URL;

  • Total subscribers
  • Estimated Monthly YouTube Partner Program earnings
  • Estimated Sponsorships price for each video content
  • Total YouTube views
  • Channel’s name, creation date and country

When you drag the slider of daily video views,

  • Views per month
  • Views per year
  • Estimated daily earnings
  • Estimated monthly earnings
  • Projected yearly earnings

YouTube creators can learn all the necessary information about their actual earnings with just a few clicks.

Top 10 Countries in 2024 with the Highest YouTube Cost (aka CPM) Per 1,000 Views

Country Price
NORWAY $43.15
GERMANY $38.85
MOLDOVA $29.50
ALGERIA $24.50
SWEDEN $18.18
FINLAND $14.90
U.K $13.75
CANADA $13.50
USA $13.00

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an online tool to calculate daily, monthly, and yearly earnings from YouTube channels. It is a helpful gadget to see whether your YouTube monetization strategy works.

Understanding whether it is worth spending time and money on your YouTube channel is crucial. You can also see the niche you prefer is well enough to earn more money from your YouTube channel. You can set realistic expectations for your potential earnings thanks to YouTube money calculators.

Yes, it is also possible to use the tool with the channel’s URL. You can use video and channel links to learn the estimated earnings of your page or other YouTubers’ accounts.

CPM is the abbreviation of Cost Per Mille (Thousand), which refers to the money advertisers pay you for each 1000 ad views. It means that if your CPM is $4, you will earn this amount for each 1000 ad views.

CTR refers to the click-through rate, which refers to the number of users clicking your ads on the video content. If you have a high CTR, your YouTube subscribers like the services or products in your video ads.

Your YouTube channel’s overall estimated earnings can vary according to video engagement. When your audience interacts with your high-quality content, you earn money from the platform. Making money is possible with higher watch time, viewer retention, and click-through rate. These three engagement indicators contribute to your earnings. The more engaged audience, the more money you earn.