Get Views on YouTube Shorts with These Helpful Tips!


You may try to create catchy hooks and cover entertaining topics infused with trending tunes to boost your YouTube Shorts views. To avoid repeating content already existing in the YouTube world, add your unique personal touches or cover unexplored topics. Also, try to reach your viewers’ emotions. Using strategic hashtags will definitely improve your visibility. Do not forget to keep your videos concise.

The competitive world for short videos might seem scary when you first start creating content on social media. It is very common to get frustrated after putting your effort into creating a YouTube Short video and not getting the number of views, likes, and comments you might have been expecting.

By following a number of tips and ideas, you can get views on YouTube Shorts faster than you can imagine. All you need to do is continue creating your original content while considering these.

Before Beginning: The Key Points to Get Views on YouTube Shorts

Certain things make a YouTube Short video worth watching. These can include:

  • Catchy intro in the first seconds to get the audience hooked.
  • A good narration and interesting content that raises curiosity.
  • Focusing on the audience’s emotions, aiming to make them feel excited, intrigued, or shocked.

These things are the first three points that your viewers focus on when they first interact with your content, and it is exactly what makes a YouTube Short worth watching. Of course, these are only on the surface level, and more detailed planned contents have a higher chance of success.

1.  Aim To Entertain

Social media is a way of escape from the real world and its problems for many people. So, at the end of the day, it’s the entertaining short videos that you can share with your loved ones that matter and that is exactly why YouTube shorts get more views than some others.

If you don’t know where to begin or what type of content suits you best, start with experimenting. The courage to put yourself out there will help you learn about creating YouTube Shorts more and more every day.

After a while of creating YouTube shorts, you’ll realize some YouTube shorts get views more than others. Be mindful about what type of content you create gets more views and what other people’s YouTube Shorts are similar to yours. Stay original with your content, but don’t forget to follow the trends meanwhile.

There are three things good entertaining YouTube Shorts have in common:

  • They are straightforward about the content: Since you’ll only have 60 seconds maximum, it’s better to get to the point immediately.
  • They have the rising action: The videos should be getting more and more entertaining after each second to get the audience hooked.
  • They have relevant tunes: The music is very important for YouTube Shorts. Pay attention to which songs are viral and try to include them in your videos.

Here is a good example of how it should be:

2.  Create Unique Content

It is possible to be stuck on a loop of repetitive content after starting to create YouTube Shorts. Social media tends to be repetitive and since ‘everything is a remix of something else’, lots of people recreate their version of a YouTube Short video right after it goes viral.

You have probably seen some brands with quick social media teams participating in a trend or recreating their version of a viral video and boom! Everyone in the comments goes crazy. Now, it may seem like a success that is impossible to achieve. Remember every person is unique. Even if you may not find it so special, people may love your YouTube Shorts video and share it everywhere.

You can also choose a variety of topics to cover. Take Jasper Storm’s Shorts, for example. His Shorts about how oil rigs are built in the middle of the deep ocean is one of the most popular videos. Personally, one of my favorites, since I’ve never encountered information on oil rigs before. It amazes me how these megastructures are constructed in the vast ocean.

3.  Make People Feel Something

Emotions set humans apart from animals. If you want to create something special enough to get more views on YouTube shorts, you may want to add emotion to your content.

If you’ve been paying attention, you probably realize there is indeed no such thing as bad publicity. People express their feelings more openly on social media than in real life and anything that makes them feel something brings engagement to your channel. Needless to say, it is better to intend to deliver positive emotions to your audience but remaining neutral and intriguing them into your channel to watch more YouTube Shorts is also very common nowadays.

For instance, here is a heartfelt video of a daughter whose father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In the video, she shows her new tattoo to her father as an everlasting reminder of their memories together. It features the birth year of the father and two waves symbolizing the father and daughter. The meaning behind the waves represents the cherished time they spent together, teaching her how to sail. This serves as a constant reminder of their beautiful relationship, challenging the time by being carved into the skin of the daughter. Oh, pass my tissue, please.

4.  Include Hashtags

Hashtags help your users find your YouTube Shorts video by searching the specific keywords that your content may be associated with. Some popular hashtags like #shorts, etc. help your content become more engaging for people who haven’t met your YouTube channel yet.

Let’s say you create YouTube Short content about cooking and sharing several recipes. Including general hashtags like #bake, #baking, #food, and other similar hashtags will make your YouTube Shorts likely to appear on the hashtag pages of people who are interested in those topics.

Your video could be listed under the hashtag which will increase your chance to reach people who are interested in your content.

5.  Put Them On A Loop

Geniusly construed videos where your viewers cannot tell where the beginning or the end of the video always impresses people. People appreciate the work you put into your content and this leaves them likely to return to your YouTube channel. Take a look at this infinite loop of stairs!

6.  Create an Eye-Catching Video Title

One of the first things your viewers will notice is the video title down below the screen. YouTube Short titles should be created with consideration of a few things:

  • It should be a summary of the video and inform your viewers about the context.
  • It should include relevant keywords and phrases.
  • It should raise curiosity to keep your viewers.

7.  Make Your Video in The Right Length

Delivering your YouTube Shorts content in the right amount of time is a crucial thing to consider while uploading your videos on YouTube. YouTube allows users to upload a short video about a 60-second long. However, it’s always better to keep things short and precise. Explore more about the right length for your YouTube Shorts videos to get the maximum impact. Short videos have a higher chance of reaching a great number of engagements.


What are the benefits of YouTube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts are a better option than 10/20 minute long videos in the busy world we’re living in and are more likely to be watched by more people. They also have more features like collaboration options and Q&A stickers that normal YouTube videos don’t have.

What audio I should use to get more views on YouTube Shorts?

You can use either original audio or pick from the songs that are available for YouTube music for your YouTube Shorts videos. It is useful to keep track of viral songs and their common use on short videos and try creating something original with that. You can also do voiceovers and such if it fits into the content type you’re creating.

Do rewatches count as a new view?

Yes, they do. The amount of times that your YouTube Shorts is watched counts as a new view even if it’s from the same people. The only condition for counting is to make sure your video is watched to the end without leaving it in the middle.

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