How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos in 2024 


The most known monetization methods in YouTube are; 

  1. Affiliate Marketing 
  2. Channel Membership 
  3. Selling Products 
  4. Sponsorship 
  5. Advertisement 
  6. Super Chat and Super Stickers 

Yet, we’ll discover 19 methods to earn on the platform. 

Today’s digital landscape, YouTube offers diverse monetization opportunities that extend beyond traditional video creation. This guide unveils how to make money on YouTube without making videos, a venture often perceived as challenging due to a lack of knowledge about effective strategies. We will explore various YouTube monetization strategies without creating your own videos, providing practical tips for building a successful online presence and generating income effortlessly. 

1. Exploring Guided Meditation: A Unique Path to YouTube Revenue 

One of the popular methods to make money without shooting videos is to focus on audio like guided meditation. People like relaxing noise, audio, and music to relieve their tiredness; thus, there is a rush for guided meditation content. You just, need to find unique audio and images to create a matchless experience for the audience.

2. Stop Motion Mastery: Innovative Earning on YouTube 

One of the most loved options for how to make money on YouTube without making videos is creating stop motion. This is a filmmaking technique where objects are moved step by step.  Also, photographed in every movement and then united all of them to create stop-motion footage. You can benefit from clay and puppets to get creative and high-quality scenes.

3. Leveraging Digital Whiteboards for Creative YouTube Income 

You don’t have to be an artist or illustrator to use digital whiteboard services. You can subscribe to one of them such as VideoScribe, Doodly, or RenderForest, and form a whiteboard to display your skills. 

4. Slide Decks: A Simple Yet Effective YouTube Monetization Tool 

If you are an expert on something you can share your knowledge with the YouTube community by creating slide decks. It is possible to create screen-capture tutorials with PowerPoint slides or Google Slides. You can create content in real estate, photography, foreign language, or interior design niches to gain more subscribers, likes, and views on the platform. 

5. Consulting for Success: Guiding Others on YouTube’s Profit Path 

One profit-making idea that can help you make money from YouTube, is becoming a YouTube consultant. As a YouTube marketing expert, you can offer invaluable advice and guidance to other YouTubers on a variety of topics. 

For instance, you can provide insight on how to create engaging and informative content that resonates with your audience. You can also teach them how to set up a winning YouTube channel, optimize their high-quality videos for YouTube search results, and monetize their content effectively through the YouTube Partner Program. 

Personal Insights: Transforming Channels through Consultation  

My journey in the YouTube domain echoes the power of these strategies. As a YouTube consultant, I’ve personally witnessed the transformative impact of targeted advice on growing channels. One of my most rewarding experiences was guiding a fledgling YouTuber specializing in educational content. Implemented strategies we developed together, focusing on optimizing their video titles and descriptions for better search visibility. The result was a remarkable increase in their subscriber count and viewer engagement within just a few months. This experience not only highlighted the effectiveness of strategic content planning but also reinforced my passion for helping others succeed in the dynamic world of YouTube. 

6. Offering Content Services: A Road to Earning on YouTube Without Videos 

Another way to make money on YouTube without posting videos is by providing content creation services for other YouTube channel owners. With this strategy, you would create or curate YouTube content for video creators to use on their channels. 

You can offer services such as: 

  • Video editing for video creators with basic skills. 
  • Making intro and outro for YouTube videos. 
  • Content writing services to provide catchy and informative titles and video descriptions. 
  • Graphic design for video thumbnails and YouTube channel profiles to help content creators enhance the overall quality of their channels. 

You can showcase your prowess on existing platforms. Create your website to attract more clients and work for multiple channels at the same time. Social media can also be a fantastic tool for promoting your services and showcasing your portfolio to potential clients. 

7. Subscription Services: Unlocking New Revenue Streams on YouTube 

Offering subscription services for other channels is another great way to make money on YouTube as most users seek services to increase their subscriber number, watch time, and other metrics. You can offer subscriptions to other channels. Receive a portion of their revenue when they receive new subscribers. You can also offer packages with additional features such as access to exclusive third-party content or discounts on products or services. 

You can also use YouTube growth services to increase the visibility of other channels, and therefore increase their number of subscribers. This can help you maximize your earnings and ensure that you are taking advantage of all the opportunities available on YouTube.

8. Audio-Based Content: The Sound Way to Earn on YouTube 

One of the most effective ways to generate passive income from YouTube is by creating audio-based content. This format allows you to record and upload audio files that viewers can access directly at any time. It does not require any knowledge of video-based computer software, making it simple to create and manage. 

In addition to creating custom audio for other creators’ videos, you can also produce original sound for YouTube shorts. However, you need to consider the license agreement before selling the audio. You can also record animal or object sound effects as video content creators often search for them to use in their video clips. 

9. Podcasting on YouTube: An Untapped Source of Income

Creating an audio-only podcast on YouTube is one way to make money without producing a video. Podcasts are currently one of the most popular forms of online entertainment. People enjoy listening to informative, fun, and engaging podcasts at any time of day, making them an excellent way to promote your brand and reach new clients.


10. ASMR Videos: A Sensory Approach to YouTube Monetization 

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is a tingling sensation that some people feel in certain environments or when they listen to certain sounds. In recent years, the popularity of ASMR videos on YouTube has soared, making it an excellent platform to promote such content. Many channels, such as ASMR Bakery, use this popular niche to create engaging content. You can also build a successful channel in the ASMR niche without filming yourself. Simply buy YouTube views, likes, or subscribers to improve your chances of reaching your desired audience easily and quickly.


11. Gaming Live Streams: A Dynamic Way to Monetize on YouTube

Live streaming is a very effective marketing tool to introduce products and connect with the audience. Viewers love the live gameplay of their favorite video games because it allows them to interact with fellow gamers while viewing the game firsthand. So, if you are a gamer or you want to become one and can maintain a steady stream, you can use this feature of the social media platform to build your audience and presence. If you’d like to increase your income, you can encourage your subscribers to become Patreons or join channel memberships to have access to exclusive content. To reach such popularity in a short time, you can utilize YouTube growth services to grow your channel. You can also join YouTube’s Partner Program to use multiple revenue streams.


12. Animation Creation: A Profitable YouTube Niche 

Animated videos are another popular type of content that attracts a large audience on YouTube. From movie trailers and ads to original video content on the platform, many users utilize this engaging style to interact with others. Several channels, including Nutshell Animations, specialize in it. You can also use computer-generated or AI programs to create engaging animations and monetize your content.

13. Educational Content: Capitalizing on Tutorials and Courses on YouTube

As an educational resource or for a few tips for daily living, YouTube continues to maintain its popularity among its audience. That makes it an ideal platform for uploading videos of online courses or how-to tutorials. Channels like Mr. Web Designer built an audience of 208K subscribers by sharing informative videos about web design.

For example, if you’re an expert on a topic such as marketing, you can create a YouTube channel and post tutorial videos for others to learn from. Additionally, instead of filming yourself, you can use a digital whiteboard or your computer screen to share your information.


14. Smart Use of Royalty-Free Videos for YouTube Earnings 

Another way to make money on YouTube is to use royalty-free stock videos. These videos are suitable for anyone who doesn’t have time to film their own videos but still wants to post content to engage their audience. You can use royalty-free videos for any YouTube video project that requires no additional footage, like explainer videos, trailer videos, or product promotion videos.

15. Creative Commons Videos: A Strategic YouTube Monetization Approach 

In addition to royalty-free stock videos, you can also use videos with a Creative Commons license from YouTube’s library to make money. You can adapt other users’ videos and post them on your channel before making money through YouTube ads.

16. Outsourcing to Freelancers: Effortless YouTube Content Creation

If you’re too busy to even create a YouTube account, you can hire a freelancer to make content that promotes your brand. This will help you to deliver your message to the targeted audience without having to record your face. If you’re a small business, the investment might seem questionable, but for long-term marketing success, it’s worth it.

17. Voice-Over Services: Adding Value to YouTube Content

You can also provide voice-over services to make money on YouTube. This way, you won’t have to create content or film yourself. Instead, your voice will appear in other YouTubers’ videos.

18. Designing Super Stickers: A Creative YouTube Revenue Source 

A revenue stream that the YouTube Partner Program provides to its users is the Super Chat feature. As the name suggests, “Super Chat” provides a revenue source for content creators by allowing people to highlight their comments on live chat. Most of them even use Super Stickers for interactions. While you may not be eligible to use the chat, you can still design customized stickers for other creators to make money on YouTube.

19. Investing in Google: A Long-Term YouTube Monetization Strategy

One way to make money on YouTube without using your channel is to invest in the parent organization, Google.  Google provides a fantastic opportunity for those who own shares of the company to earn passive revenue as the value of its shares increases over time. You can also invest in the company to increase your income and make money without creating videos. 

Recent Trends and Statistics in YouTube Monetization 

As of 2024, YouTube continues to be a dynamic platform for generating passive income, evolving with new YouTube monetization strategies. The platform offers a wide array of opportunities for those interested in earning from YouTube without video creation. According to a recent report by Google, the parent company of YouTube, the platform has seen a significant increase in non-video content consumption. This includes podcasts, audio-only content, and stop-motion animation. 

Further to this trend, a study by a renowned digital marketing research firm revealed that channels focusing on niche content have witnessed a 30% increase in engagement and monetization. Additionally, the use of digital tools like whiteboard animation software has democratized content creation, allowing individuals without traditional video-making skills to thrive on the platform. 

The YouTube Official Blog recently highlighted the success of creators who specialize in consulting and content services. Noting a surge in demand for these services as channels seek to optimize their strategies in an increasingly competitive space. 


Can You Make Money from Videos with Creative Commons on YouTube? 

Yes, it is possible to monetize videos with the license of Creative Commons on YouTube. You can do this by enabling ads on your videos and earning ad revenue from them. However, you must ensure that you adhere to the specific terms of Creative Commons you are using. 

Depending on the license, you may be required to give attribution to the original creators, such as viral video makers, or you may not be able to use the clips for commercial purposes.  

Can You Earn Money on YouTube Without Having a YouTube Account? 

Yes, while you need to have a YouTube account to create your channel, you don’t need one if you’re making money without posting videos. You can reach other YouTubers via email, Super Chat, or another social media platform. 

Is YouTube a Good Way to Generate Passive Income for an Online Business? 

Having successfully managed multiple YouTube channels and consulted for various clients, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of YouTube algorithms and audience engagement strategies. My expertise lies in leveraging unconventional methods for content monetization, aligning with the latest trends and user preferences on YouTube. 

The best way to make money on YouTube is to join the YouTube Partner Program and link your AdSense account to your channel. This will enable you to monetize your YouTube videos and receive a portion of the ad revenue generated from views

What’s the Best Way to Make Money on YouTube? 

The best way to make money on YouTube is to join the YouTube Partner Program and link your AdSense account to your channel. This will enable you to monetize your YouTube videos and receive a portion of the ad revenue generated from views. 

Can You Use Live Streams to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos? 

You can leverage affiliate marketing for a YouTuber to promote your product or service through a Live Stream instead of making videos yourself.

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